Reduce Reuse Recycle

Reuse Reduce Recycle


The United States and state government recycling initiatives have spawned the Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle! Age.

This is, in no small part, because the United States, and its global partners, have recognized the significance of our long-term impact on the planet. 

Among the problems we have created over the thousands of years of civilization:

  • Massive garbage dumps
  • Pollution from fossil fuels
  • Impact of aerosol sprays and other chemicals on the air we breathe, and the atmosphere that protects us from solar radiation

…to name a few!

As the population grows, there are fewer places we can store the tons of garbage we create every day of every year, over decades and centuries. 

While your community probably has a recycling program, there are many ways you can have a personal impact on the waste management and trash problem. 

In addition to recycling those bottles and cans, you can recycle many other items as well. 

You can also reuse items, instead of throwing them away. 

Although you may eventually throw away that piece of clothing, you can extend its life cycle and keep it out of the garbage dump by years or even decades. 

Consider these options: 

  • You could place old clothing in a box or trunk and use it for your children's Halloween costumes or for 'dress up' and playtime. 
  • You could cut the clothing into strips or squares and use these for dust cloths or cleaning rags. 
  • You could cut your clothing into squares and make a colorful rug or wall hanging or bedspread. 

You see how it works?  It's really very simple. 

With some forethought and ingenuity, you can become a recycle/reuse role model for your neighbors, your children and your co-workers.

In this website, we will offer suggestions and tips to help you get started on the path to your position as role model. 

Once you get the hang of it, you will no doubt think of some of your own ideas. 

You should consider these techniques at work, at school, at home and while you are out in the environment. 

There are thousands of ways to conserve, recycle and reuse.  We can only scratch the surface on this website.

We encourage you to continue your research and build your knowledge in this area. 

You can further support recycling and reuse by purchasing products from companies that use recycled materials.

If you are reading this website, we know that you have taken the time to think about the issue of recycling and protecting the environment.  

As you read the information on this site, we hope you will understand that you can save money by recycling and reusing and that each person can make a difference.   

Take the time to consider all the items we throw away that we might be able to recycle or reuse. 

Computers and printers, old clothing, appliances, motor oil, batteries, tin foil, and plastics; all of these (and more) are recyclable and/or reusable. 

Learn about your options and USE THEM! 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle